Segulah V L.P. acquires Pelly Group AB

Segulah V L.P. has entered into an agreement to acquire Pelly Group AB (”Pelly”) from Fouriertransform and minority owners.

Pelly is a leading niche manufacturer of functional storage components primarily for the kitchen and wardrobe markets with a turnover of approximately MSEK 450. The Company acts under the Pelly, Mirro and LG Collection brands. Pelly, founded in 1947, has just over 300 employees and headquarters in Jönköping (Sweden) with production in Kaunas (Lithuania), Hillerstorp (Sweden) and Nässjö (Sweden). Customers primarily include kitchen and wardrobe manufac-turers active on the Nordic market.

Segulah will appoint Lars Brodd as Chairman of the Board. Lars is industrial adviser to Segulah and has experience as Chairman from several prior success-ful investments within the industrials segment.

”We are very pleased with this investment. Segulah has a long tradition of in-vesting in the Swedish industrials sector. Pelly is a strong player within its niche in a market with healthy growth. We see several opportunities to continue grow-ing the business under our ownership, both organically and through acquisi-tions”, says Sebastian Ehrnrooth, Managing Partner, Segulah Advisor AB. ”We look forward to working with Segulah to continue developing and growing the business”, says Stefan Jarbratt, CEO at Pelly.

The acquisition will be the sixth investment for Segulah V L.P.